IAF is your Israel – Asia gateway 

Combining Israel’s strength in innovation with Asia’s economic power 

IAF was established in 2012 to help Asian companies gain access to one of the world’s most important centers of innovation – Israel. Through its unique business model IAF offers its clients the best entry to investment in disruptive and strategic companies. Israel’s technological innovation opportunities tie in perfectly with Asia’s strong position at the center of the global economy, resulting in the most powerful combinations. Asian corporations have improved their positions tremendously but are now in a stage where obtaining more powerful technology is critical to further enhancing competitive advantage. Although American and European investors first discovered Israel as a key development center, Asian market players – led by China, Japan, Korea and Singapore – are now among the most active participants in Israel’s venture capital and private equity markets. IAF’s management and directors offer a unique international and domestic expertise drawing from decades of direct high-level finance, technology, and industry experience that spans the breadth of Asia, Israel and beyond.